How to Improve Your Web Shop Performance: 6 Things that Can Easily Escape Your Attention

The web shop is the new frontier for any company. It’s where customers find you, and it’s your opportunity to stand out from the competition.

How do you ensure that you don’t miss things that can easily escape your attention? Are you doing everything right to have a successful web shop that drives sales?
In this blog post, we will provide tips for increasing your web shop performance and give you the 6 things that easily escape your attention. Ready? Let’s dig in!

How to Increase Engagement on your Web Shop

Providing a great customer experience for your customers will boost the rate of engagement with your customers. Here are easily forgotten ways to increase engagement performance in your web shop;

  • Faster loading speeds will be more appealing to your website visitors.
  • Optimizing the website design for mobile
  • Boosting engagement with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Using SEO techniques to drive traffic back onto your website.

Ultimately, all of these things must work together – one without the other will not produce optimal results.

Provide Multiple Customer-friendly Payment Options

Challenges during the payment process are the most common reasons for increased rates of cart abandonment. According to research by the Baymard Institute, a whopping 49% of customers claim that increased shipping fees and taxes compel them to abandon their shopping carts. Another 18% have admitted to leaving their shopping carts due to a complicated payment process. Giving your customers a variety of payment platforms that are customer-friendly is a good solution. Easy access to customer service with a chatbot or phone number can also help resolve any payment problem. 

Harness the Power of Multimedia

Multimedia includes visual content like videos, images, and infographics. These are very effective in grabbing the attention of your potential customers. Customers will be able to recall your brand quickly if you use high-quality pictures that showcase your product. Also, choose to use high-quality videos to demonstrate to your customers how your products work for an improved customer satisfaction and web shop performance. Using the power of multimedia boosts your credibility and improves customer loyalty. 

Optimize Images and Improve Mobile-Friendliness

Optimizing images is a critical practice that many marketers do not consider. To optimize images, minimize your images to Google’s recommended size of between 160×90 pixels and 1920×1080 pixels.  This reduction must not reduce the quality of the image. Having a descriptive image filename that includes the keywords is also an essential way of improving your web shop performance and increasing its visibility online.  

It is essential to improve the mobile-friendliness of your website. Make sure that your site can be seen on both mobile, iPad, laptop, and desktop devices. If your web shop is non-responsive, you will get high bounce rates as customers leave your shop for other mobile-friendly shops. Increased user-friendliness will also give you a better ranking on Google and improve your web shops overall performance. 

Employ Color Psychology 

Colors have always been associated with the ability to evoke feelings. The choice of color for your web shop or product influences the purchasing decision of your customer. WebFx has shown that color associations with a brand affect a massive 85% of people to buy a particular product. Therefore, you must understand what each color means and the feelings it can evoke in your target audience.

For example, restaurants use the red color to denote ‘appetite.’ The cosmetic industry finds pink suitable, while companies in the healthcare industry prefer blue. Pfizer, for instance, uses the blue color to denote a sense of well-being. 

A web shop in the automobile industry can use silver to represent high-quality workmanship and even luxury. Additionally, fashion and apparel companies predominantly use black to convey sophistication, style, and formality.

As a marketer, you should integrate suitable color shades and hues in your product displays to boost the dwell time of your web shop visitors. This increase in dwell time will boost the rate of customer engagement and, ultimately, more conversions. 


If you want to improve your web shop performance, you must know these six things that can easily escape your mind; payment options, multimedia, color choices, and image and mobile optimization. Include these in your marketing strategies for the improved performance of your web shop. As a result, your web shop will flourish! 

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