Why DIY-Ing Your Digital Marketing Efforts Is Hurting Your Business

Digital Marketing Things That You Should Not DIY

When you have a small business, it can be tempting to try and do everything on your own. You might think that you’ll save money and build stronger company culture by doing things yourself. However, many aspects of marketing require expertise to make the right decisions for your business. This is because the effects of failure with digital marketing can cause losses from a poorly executed marketing strategy. On the surface, DIY marketing may look quite simple and cost-effective. Still, delegating some of your digital roles to qualified digital marketers is highly advisable. But why is this important? Let’s take a look at some reasons.

It Wastes Time and Money

This is as simple as it may sound! The roles of a digital marketer are unique to others in a company. If your key role is outside sales and you pick up the role of a digital marketer, you will find that you spend many hours indoors trying to learn and apply the tactics. Your efforts will be directed to being online instead of your core responsibilities of looking for new business. This division of time will likely negatively affect your business income. 

Potential Poor Results in Marketing

The digital marketing field is an area that needs a lot of specialization for it to be a success. Merely having the knowledge to use social media platforms and email platforms will not be enough. You need sufficient knowledge to successfully know how to structure a marketing strategy and its applications. This means you have to invest additional time to learn the dos and don’ts of digital marketing. Consequently, other aspects of your marketing will suffer due to this “undivided attention.”  

Other Areas of the Business will Suffer

Digital marketing requires that you be consistent in creating, posting content and responding to inquiries. As a small business owner, your priority isn’t merely producing digital content. There are other tasks of your business that you need to constantly be on top of! Therefore, you may find it quite challenging to create the time to do other equally important activities. 

Digital Marketing May Not Be as Easy as You Think!

Social media marketing is not simply limited to creating, posting, and sharing engaging content on social media platforms! A well-thought-out marketing strategy needs offer value to your clients. This involves placing ads, working with influencers, storytelling with professional photos and videos, and more. It can be confusing and overwhelming.

Consistently Finding Content Is No Child’s Play!

Coming up with suitable and unique content to post on each of your social media platforms is a big job. A lot of time and effort has to be directed towards the creation and curation of fresh content. Producing enough content that has variety and meets your campaign objectives is not an easy task. If you get it wrong, your brand’s perception will be negatively affected, and so will your income. 

Wrong Analysis of Results and Return on Investment (ROI)

When you DIY in digital marketing, you will not be able to correctly estimate the ROI of your efforts. This will make it hard to know which efforts are working best for your business. However, a skilled digital marketer will have all the necessary expertise to leverage analytics and offer you the best insight regarding the efficiency of your digital marketing efforts.  

You Will Use the Wrong SEO Keywords and Poor Links.

The best digital marketers identify the most appropriate, user-centric, and long-tail keywords considered low competition but have traffic. This is in stark contrast to what you, as a “DIY digital marketer,” would do. You would most likely find yourself fishing for “broad” and generic keyword terms that would not in any way make your digital marketing efforts as effective as you may have hoped!  You may also find yourself using links on unrelated websites, links that are “hidden,” links and unfortunately those from pornography and gambling sites. This negatively impacts your SEO efforts and inhibits the success of your digital marketing strategy!

3 Elements of Digital Marketing That You Should Not DIY

Lead Nurturing and Retention

When you DIY, you will most likely not have the best multi-channel lead nurturing techniques. You will also most likely fall in the category of marketers who send out generic email messages in a bid to sell to prospective clients. Often, this makes you lose out potential customers that would have otherwise been attracted, nurtured, and retained with different techniques and expert knowledge of a capable digital marketer.

Website Build-Out

Creating a good and engaging website is not an easy task. It requires the expertise of a seasoned digital marketer. A good website should be not only interactive and user-friendly but also have functional internal and external links. A digital marketer will also know how to optimize the website for Google search engines and make it mobile receptive. These are some key skills that provide a wholesome customer experience from awareness to making a purchase.

Measuring Results

Analyzing the results of a digital marketing activities and campaigns should be done by professionals. They are more qualified in identifying the strategies that work and those that don’t. Qualified digital marketers will provide you with the best insight to help you tweak your digital marketing efforts to get the best results. Seeking the help of an experienced digital marketer will put you in a position to track, monitor, and establish whether your advertising efforts are paying off. 

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DIY marketing is a thoughtful idea but not a very effective one! This is because the most effective digital marketing strategy needs the touch of an experienced digital marketer. It also saves you unnecessary waste of time, effort, and potential losses from trial-and-error work. A highly qualified digital marketer will efficiently carry out the processes of analyzing results, nurturing and retaining leads, and building websites with good SEO and more. As much as DIY digital marketing sounds like a noble idea, we should leave it in the hands of more qualified professionals!

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