What are Some Recommended Content 
Marketing Strategies for Beginners?

Content marketing is a form of marketing that involves creating, publishing, and distributing valuable and relevant online content, e.g., blog posts, to stimulate interest in the products and services of a brand.

Content marketing is however not intended to ‘explicitly’ promote the brand but instead spark the interest of a targeted online audience and retain them. 

Content Marketing Strategies for Beginners

  • Create Content Marketing Goals

What will your business get from your content marketing strategy? The content marketing strategy should be aligned to set goals. You may desire to attain more revenue from your content marketing strategy or to attract more high-quality leads or even boost your website traffic or sales. Having vivid, written objectives of what you want your content marketing strategy to do will help you create a great content marketing strategy.

  • Tailor Your Content for Your Audience

Specifically tailored content helps your potential customers to understand your brand better. It is a vital strategy that establishes a connection with them. Tailored content for your potential customers includes:

  1. Create ‘non-sales content that will address frequently asked questions about your brand.
  2. Product tutorials that educate how your products work.
  • Make An Editorial Plan

An effective content marketing strategy requires just the right amount of frequency. A low frequency will not give you the level of authority you seek. An editorial plan (editorial calendar) is a schedule that helps you manage your time effectively to publish your content consistently. An editorial program contains information like the content to be posted and the writers and editors responsible for the content. Channels like the social media platforms where the content will be published are also indicated.

  • Map Out Content Creation

Content mapping is the process that links the individual pieces of your content to support your customers’ purchasing journey. It helps you to assess the content that you currently have. You will be able to plan how you can create new content. Creating a content map will assist you in getting a clear picture of where your customer interacts with your content on the sales funnel. Mapping out content creation allows you to get the most out of your content. It will consequently help you to guide your customer through your sales funnel.

  • How To Distribute Content

Promoting your content to your online target audience should be done carefully. You can use either owned channels, earned channels, or paid channels to distribute your content. Owned channels are platforms like blogs, newsletters, and social media platforms that you own. You can also leverage content distribution channels like product reviews, shares, and retweets where ‘third parties’ assist you to distribute your content. In addition, you can use paid channels to distribute your content where you can capitalize on marketing tools like Pay-per-click (PPC) Ads.

  • Do A Post-Process Analysis

A post-process analysis communicates the value of your content marketing. You can conduct a ‘post-purchase survey of your customers. Establish if your content was crucial in their purchasing decision. You can also interview your customers frequently to establish how they are using your content. This allows you to get a vital, first-hand perspective about the value of your content from your buyers.

  • Conduct A Content Audit

This is the strategic analysis of identifying and evaluating your website content. This is essential to establish whether there are content gaps. This will allow you to devise ways of improving your content marketing and SEO strategy. For example, a content audit may be conducted to establish if it aligns with your audience’s needs. Another reason for conducting a content audience is to get rid of the aspects of your content that are contributing to wasteful spending.

  • Analyze Content Performance

Assessing whether your content marketing strategy is a hit or miss by analyzing key performance indicators will inform you whether you have met your objectives or not! KPIs are the specifics regarding the goals of your content marketing strategy. Meeting these ‘specifics’ implies a successful content marketing strategy! If your goal is to attain more revenue, your KPI would be a specific figure of, say, $100,000 in annual income. If the objective of your content marketing strategy is to get more subscribers for your newsletter, your KPI would be something like ‘500 new subscribers’ monthly.


Mastering the art of content marketing is not an easy affair, even for seasoned marketers and advertisers. As a beginner, putting the above tips into practice can set you on the path towards crafting a winning content marketing strategy!

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