How To Generate Leads in The Holiday Season

The holidays are a special time to enjoy the festivities with family and friends. However, it also presents you with an excellent opportunity to grow your business. Just like everyone else caught up in the holiday mood, your competition may use this period to take some time off from doing business. It is why you should grab the opportunity to stay ahead. 

However, marketing and generating leads during the holiday season can also be challenging. Most people shift their attention to spending time with their loved ones and would not be receptive to being bombarded by sales pitches. Altering your marketing strategy to make your potential customers feel special is essential. 

How can you generate leads during the holidays?


  • Offer Discount to Those Who Sign Up for Your Newsletter

    During the holiday season, people like to take advantage of the numerous special deals and discounts offered. Subscribers will therefore be eager to sign up for your newsletter to discover your holiday offers. A good example happened at the J.Crew factory. They once offered a holiday shopping discount deal of “40% to 60% off everything” to those who would subscribe to their newsletter. 
  • Send Holiday Cards to Potential Leads.

    When done right, sending holiday cards to your prospects will generate goodwill and generate sales in the future. A lovely holiday card with warm greetings can go a long way to reviving the interest of ‘dead’ leads. It reminds your prospects of your business. A holiday card is also a great way of expressing gratitude to previous customers you have served. Having your business name and brand logo on the card will help to ‘subtly’ promote your business. 
  • Run A Contest on Social Media 

    People are more open to engaging with businesses online when there are zero financial risks involved. Contests are an excellent way of boosting your engagement rates with prospective clients. Your prospects can qualify to enter your contest if they either share your page with their friends or subscribe to your email marketing list. For example, Tasty Burger once ran a holiday photo-sharing contest dubbed “12 Days of Ugly Sweaters.” Their customers were supposed to showcase their holiday fashion to stand a chance to win a prize of a $150 gift card. 
  • Sending Seasonal Messages and Offers by Email

    Create relevant and attractive email messages during the holiday season to help your brand stand out. Make sure the email adds value while promoting your products. For example, if selling cookware, share free holiday recipes and images of them in your cookware. Include a coupon or discount for buying the cookware. To add the holiday spirit, use holiday-themed banners, colors, and clever wording that can compel them to make a purchase. 
  • Use Incentives Like Free Shipping 

    Online shopping is usually at its peak during the holiday season. Offering free shipping can put your brand in a position to gain a competitive advantage. Brands should therefore embrace the ‘free shipping’ strategy to make their customers’ shopping experiences better. The rewards app Shopkick conducted a holiday survey that revealed close to 94% of all online customers indicated that free shipping was very appealing to them when shopping over the holiday season! Free shipping also helps to increase conversion rates. By eliminating the ‘burden’ of shipping costs during the holiday season, customer satisfaction levels rise. Result? Higher customer loyalty! 
  • Sponsor Or Participate in Community Events 

    Taking part in community holiday events such as tree lighting ceremonies will propel your brand awareness with prospective clients. When you sponsor an event, you can donate your branded products, including t-shirts, caps, pens, and tents. If you have a restaurant and participate in a holiday event such as a Christmas parade, you can take the opportunity to sell your branded refreshments to the attendees. This will help your brand to become more visible and get more leads. 

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