How To Track Your Digital Marketing Performance 
+ Trends to Follow?

Digital marketing is a term that encompasses paid search, social media, email campaigns, and more. If you’re responsible for making your company’s digital marketing work, it’s not enough to just publish content and hope people find it. You need to track how successful these efforts are so you can make adjustments when needed. 

Therefore, digital marketing tracking is all about data. You need to know which channels generate the most leads, how your audience reacts to different campaigns, and what changes you can make to get more conversions.

In this blog post, we will cover how to track your digital marketing performance so that you can understand where your efforts are working best and where they could be improved. 

Social Media Marketing Performance Tracking

To measure the performance of social media, you need to use several metrics. 

Here are three ways to start tracking and measuring social media. 

Measure Engagement

The engagement rate is often used to track how actively your content is, the audience of a brand or campaign, and whether their efforts have been effective. This is measured through retweets, comments (including likes), replies, comments, and shares. Analyzing these data points will know if there’s sufficient participation among those who follow them on different platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Impressions And Reach

The impressions and reach are important metrics to track for brands or influencers on social media platforms, as they each represent different aspects. Impressions measure how many times a post has been seen by someone who follows it. Reach measures the potential number of unique viewers that come from shares made by followers.

Share of voice

Share of voice is one way to measure the amount of participation your brand has online. It indicates how much airtime or space you’re getting in social media posts, videos, and discussions on Facebook pages; Twitter feeds; Google+, and more. It can be used for public relations, competitive analysis, or paid advertising campaigns to provide an idea of what you need and want from them before investing time into this type of marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Performance Tracking

Email marketing is a popular, cost-effective tool used by marketers. To measure the performance of your email marketing, here’s an overview of some key email metrics that will help you know how well your campaigns are performing. 

Metrics: open rates, clickthrough rates, unsubscribe rate, bounce rate.

Install tracking pixels on emails or use third-party tools like Google Analytics with Email Reporting enabled to improve email marketing tracking.

Conversion Rate Performance

Another way to measure digital marketing success is by conversions, which refers to users who convert into paying customers during their visit on the business’s social media pages. You can use analytics tools like Google Analytics to measure conversions.

It’s understandable that that high conversion rates indicate valuable and compelling content and attractive Call To Action’s.
Conversions are not only purchases, but can be measured by number of people subscribing to a newsletter, or downloading assets like gated articles.

Review Management

Online review management includes the process of monitoring, analyzing, and responding to customer feedback on various online communities. Reviews are generally posted on websites like Yelp, Google Places, or TripAdvisor and are used by up to72% of online customers before they decide to purchase. 

Most businesses understand that online reviews are a crucial component to their success. But how do you manage them? The following three action items should help: 

  • Respond promptly and professionally to feedback from your customers in under 24 hours (or sooner!) 
  • Use all those customer testimonials! This could mean reusing some content on social media platforms like Facebook and sending out emails with links highlighting what people love about their experience at your business.
  • Ask consumers if they would be willing to share their experiences with honest critique after service at your business.

The more online reviews you can get the better to build credibility and trust with potential clients.

Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

Some of the digital marketing trends you can consider for your business in 2021 include:

1. Customer Segmentation is vital because it helps create relevant, more personalized content that inspires a sale. 

2. SEO for Voice search is essential to be discoverable because of the growth of voice search.

3. SEO for Image search comes from Google’s new image recognition AI algorithm. 

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Tracking digital marketing performance is critical to the success of a business. This is because it provides an opportunity to improve or increase the suitable activities for its growth. Use these performance strategies for your digital marketing performance success.

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