Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing: Which is Better?

Adopting the best form of marketing for your business is essential. Whether you choose digital marketing or a traditional form of marketing, a high Return on Investment is always the desired goal. This blog shall explore the differences and benefits of digital and traditional marketing and determine better for your business. 

What Is Digital Marketing? 

This is the promotion of products and services of a brand through electronic devices and the internet. Also known as online marketing, it involves selling through mobile apps, email, and social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. 

Advantages Of Digital Marketing 

  1. Digital marketing is easy to measure 

Online metric tools and web analytics make it possible to measure digital marketing. Establishing how effective your marketing campaign is, becomes an easy affair.  

  1. It provides better-targeted campaigns 

Digital marketing makes it easy to offer your customers targeted and personalized offers. With digital ads, you can target customers with specific needs for more effective results and sales. 

  1. It offers a more significant, global reach. 

It provides an avenue for your brand to be displayed globally. The ability to build a decent brand presence ensures that smaller brands have a fair chance of competing with their established counterparts.  

  1. Digital marketing generates higher engagement. 

Posting blog content regularly, consistently sharing relevant social media posts, and using tools like online polls and surveys will enable a brand to boost its engagement rate.  

Disadvantages Of Digital Marketing 

  1. It needs consistency to keep the audience’s attention. 

For digital marketing to be effective, a brand must constantly and consistently create new content for its users. This effort will consume not only a lot of your time but also financial resources.  

  1. It is very competitive 

Digital marketing campaigns are very competitive. If your digital campaign does not stand out, reaching your intended target audience becomes challenging.  

  1. High dependency on technology 

Since technology is at the core of digital marketing, it means that a technological glitch of any kind, e.g., if the links are not functioning or webpages pages are not loading, the brand’s digital marketing campaign is negatively affected.  

  1. Requires specific skills and training 

Digital marketing is a field that requires a specific set of skills and expertise, such as SEO optimization skills, Search Engine Marketing, and more. A business must either hire a specialist or outsource its digital marketing. 

What Is Traditional Marketing? 

It is a form of marketing that promotes products and services through offline channels, including print media, direct mail, telemarketing, and outdoor advertising (billboards, banners, etc.). 

Advantages Of Traditional Marketing 

  1. It connects well with the local market 

When a business advertises locally, the residents relate more with it because they can readily access it and build positive relationships. 

  1. Traditional marketing is more ‘credible’ and tangible than digital marketing.  

Most people tend to believe more in ads that they can see and even touch! Ads found on billboards, newspapers, and even TV create a perception that the brand is thriving and credible.  

  1. Better retention of traditional advertiser messages than on digital marketing. 

Traditional forms of marketing are more recognizable and understandable when seen on hard copy marketing collateral like brochures and magazine ads. These ads also have a higher level of brand recall than the ads swiped on social media. 

  1. Traditional marketing can supplement a brand’s exposure 

It is an excellent avenue you can use to get the customers you may miss out on through your digital marketing efforts. It is crucial to know that not all customers access the internet and see your digital adverts. 

Disadvantages Of Traditional Marketing 

  1. Traditional modes of promotion cannot be updated. 

Updating ads in traditional marketing means that you have to create a new ad altogether. This means additional costs of producing hard copy materials. 

  1. Less information communicated 

It isn’t easy to display all the information that you wish to. For example, presenting information regarding your brand’s complex pricing options is not easy. You would require a lot of space on a flier to convey this information. 

  1. It is a costly form of marketing. 

Placing ads on different media like newspapers and flyers is very expensive. To launch a new marketing campaign, you need to pay for the production and distribution of your ads afresh.  


Digital marketing and traditional marketing are both important. The best marketing strategy for your business depends on what you’re trying to achieve, your resources, and your target audience. However, it is clear that digital marketing will continue expanding in the coming years while traditional forms of advertising are becoming less effective. Until then, get the most of each by using a mix of both types of advertising.  

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